Don Brunson
Franklin Township Trustee

The Franklin Township Trustee is responsible for township assistance to families, (poor relief), maintaining pioneer cemeteries, maintaining township owned buildings, and all staff functions of the trustee’s office and the small claims court; besides the items listed below. The township trustee serves as the township executive for local government. Township government powers are granted by the State Legislature and the role of Trustee dates back to the mid-nineteenth century.

  1. Keep a written record of all official proceedings;
  2. Manage all township property interests;
  3. Maintain all township records for public inspection;
  4. Attend all meetings of the township legislative body;
  5. Receive and pay out all township funds
  6. Examine and settle all accounts and demands chargeable against the township;
  7. Administer township assistance under Ind. Code 12-20 and 12-30-4;
  8. Perform the duties of fence viewer under Ind. Code 32-26

Debbie Civils
Franklin Township Administrator

The Franklin Township Administrator is responsible for the hands-on application of the Trustee’s office and may serve as the Deputy Trustee in the absence of the trustee. The township administrator drafts the policies and programs and makes recommendations to the trustee. The township administrator also prepares township financial statements and budget documents for Trustee approval. The township administrator directs the staff functions of the trustee’s office and those of the small claims court.

Township Board

The Franklin Township Advisory Board serves as the legislative body of township government. The seven member board is elected to a 4 year term. The Township Advisory Board responsibilities include approving contracts for township business, adopting the township annual budget, and reporting township receipts, expenditures and other items for public inspection.


Staff Members

Between the small claims court and the trustee office the staff members carry out the functions and policies as directed by either the trustee, township administrator or the small claims court judge. The staff members handle daily administrative duties and directly serve the public.