Methodist Chapel


5301 Churchman Avenue, Franklin Township, Marion County Indiana


This cemetery, also known as Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, sits on a small hill behind the Beech Grove Administration building, overlooking the railroad shops and yard. The cemetery was part of the Methodist Wesley Chapel, also called the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was organized in 1838. The church was closed by the 1880’s. The known burials were between 1848 and 1909. It is maintained by the Franklin Township Trustee. The cemeteries of Franklin Township were surveyed by the Franklin Township Historical Society in 1999. These readings were published in a book, titled “Called Home: The Pioneer Cemeteries of Franklin Township.” A copy is available at the GSMC library. GSMC publication “Readings of various Cemeteries in Franklin Township” also has a burial list compiled by J. Eugene Reilly in February 1945. We have used this reading for the burials entered here. (from: Genealogical Society of Marion County)   (MORE)




Photo of Amanda Arnold
Amanda Arnold
Died 09-06-1882Age: 58y 11d
Photo of Ellen Arnold
Ellen Arnold
Died: 09-20-1845
Photo of James M. Arnold
James M. Arnold
Died: 07-12-1881Age: 59y 11m 3d
Photo of William F. Arnold
William F. Arnold
Died 10-01-1853Age: 13y 5m
Photo of William T. Arnold
William T. Arnold
Died: 1-20-1870Age: 22y 11m 7d
Photo of William Arnold
William Arnold
Died: 5-25-1850Age:21y 11m 7d
Photo of Alexander Bentley
Alexander Bentley
Died 10-05-1855Age: 23y 8m 20d
Photo of Francis Berry
Francis Berry
Died: 7-20-1856Age: 28y 7m 7d
Photo of Charlie Bowser
Charlie Bowser
Died: 9-19-18641y 11m 3d
Photo of Daniel Bowser
Daniel Bowser
Died: 5-24-1876Age: 64y 1m 23d
Photo of Hannah Bowser
Hannah Bowser
Wife of Daniel Bowser Died: 4-19-1874Age: 57y 4m 3d
Photo of Henry D. Bowser
Henry D. Bowser
Son of Daniel & Hannah Bowser Died: 11-12-1876Age: 31y 10m 28d
Photo of James M. Bowser
James M. Bowser
Son of D. & H. Bowser Died: 1-19-1871Age: 30y 11m 21d
Photo of Sarah E. Bowser
Sarah E. Bowser
Daughter of Daniel & Hannah Bowser Died: 7-25-1848Age: 4y 2m 20d
Photo of Margaret Collins
Margaret Collins
Wife of John Collins Died: 12-28-1873Age: 23y
Photo of Eliza A. Cox
Eliza A. Cox
Daughter of J.F. & H.V. Cox Died: 5-13-1862Age: 3m 13d
Photo of Henry F. Cox
Henry F. Cox
Son of J.F. & H.V. Cox Died: 1-9-1863Age: 2y 2m 22d
Photo of Anna E. Daily
Anna E. Daily
Wife Of John O. Daily Died: 9-18-1880Age: 22y 15d
Photo of Francis Daily
Francis Daily
children of John O. & Anna E. Daily Died: 3-22-1878Age: 2m 22d
Photo of Nellie Daily
Nellie Daily
children of John O. & Anna E. Daily Died: 11-5-1879Age: 3m 5d
Photo of Samuel Full
Samuel Full
Born: 5-7-1769 Died: 8-17-1854Age: 85y 3m 10d
Photo of Thomas B. Full
Thomas B. Full
Died: 1862
Photo of Ruby May Gifford
Ruby May Gifford
Daughter of S.P. & O.N. Gifford Died: 11-10-1888Age: 3y 11m 8d
Photo of O. P. Hanson
O. P. Hanson
Corporal Co. D, 124th Inf.
Photo of Elizabeth Hensley
Elizabeth Hensley
Daughter of Abraham F. & Ivy Hensley Died: 2-21-1851Age: 18y 5d
Photo of Harry F. Hensley
Harry F. Hensley
Born 01-19-1867 Died 07-26-1868Age: 1y 6m 6d
Photo of James F. Hensley
James F. Hensley
Born 10-17-1833 Died 03-20-1884Age: 50y 5m 3d
Photo of Lydia E. Hensley
Lydia E. Hensley
Born: 8-6-1840 Died: 1-8-1905Age: 65y 5m 2d
Photo of Benjamin G. Huffington
Benjamin G. Huffington
Born: 1857Died: 1865
Photo of John W. Huffington
John W. Huffington
Born: 1862Died: 1864
Photo of Mary B. Huffington
Mary B. Huffington
Born: 1875Died: 1875
Photo of Almyria Matthews
Almyria Matthews
Wife of Durbin Matthews Died: 9-26-1882Age: 40y
Photo of Arnold McGregor
Arnold McGregor
Born: 1885 Died: 1901
Photo of Emelina M. McLaughlin
Emelina M. McLaughlin
Died: 1-11-1857Age: 20y 11m 15d
Photo of Francis McLaughlin
Francis McLaughlin
Died 05-02-1857Age: 80y 11m 15d
Photo of John D. McLaughlin
John D. McLaughlin
Died: 12-17-1861Age: 25y
Photo of James Meikle
James Meikle
Born: 1851Died: 1906
Photo of Marion M. Meikle
Marion M. Meikle
Born: 1853Died: 1894
Photo of Estella M. Peters
Estella M. Peters
Daughter of Sanford J. & Jane Peters Died: 12-30-1877Age: 7y 4m 22d
Photo of Juliana Reed
Juliana Reed
Died 05-10-1868Age 54y 11m 15d
Photo of Adam Schwiert
Adam Schwiert
Born: 4-1802 Died: 12-1876
Photo of Bert Sluder
Bert Sluder
Born: 1902Died: 1909
Photo of Elizabeth H. Smith
Elizabeth H. Smith
Died 09-11-1863Age: 53y 8m 5d
Photo of Mary Tull
Mary Tull
Died 05-15-1850Age: 78y 4m 1d
Photo of John Watton
John Watton
Died 05-21-1846
Photo of Mary Watton
Mary Watton
Died 2-19-1853Age 63y 3m 27d
Photo of Mark J. Weeks
Mark J. Weeks
Born: 1854Died: 1884
Photo of Tulley Weeks
Tulley Weeks
Born: 1817 Died:1883
Photo of Otto Weishaar
Otto Weishaar
Died: 12-28-1885Age: 3wks 3d