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This cemetery, also known as Combs Cemetery, was part of a Baptist church that was established here in 1833. The church disbanded and the building was torn down sometime around 1924. The earliest burial was 1845 & the latest in 1939. A burial list was published in the Franklin Township Historical Society publication “Called Home”. A copy is available at the GSMC library. (from: Genealogical Society of Marion County)



Photo of Sarah E. Baxter
Sarah E. Baxter
Born: 1839 Died: 1904
Photo of Simon T. Billings
Simon T. Billings
Died: 1-14-1853 Age: 24y 11m 1d
Photo of Eliza Jane Childers
Eliza Jane Childers
Died: 7-27-1852 Age: 8y 1m 26d
Photo of Andrew J. Coverdill
Andrew J. Coverdill
Born 9-7-1852 Died 3-23-1899Age: 46y 6m 16d
Photo of Elias W. Coverdill
Elias W. Coverdill
Born: 3-11-1809 Died: 4-4-1889
Photo of Eliza E. Coverdill
Eliza E. Coverdill
Born: 7-23-1818 Died: 6-2-1895wife of E.W. Coverdill
Photo of Daniel Crouch
Daniel Crouch
Born: 2-16-1830 Died: 10-6-1886
Photo of James Garret Crouch
James Garret Crouch
Died: 2-9-1880 Age: 12y 7m 12dson of Daniel P. & Salina
Photo of Willard Crouch
Willard Crouch
Born: 6-22-1856 Died: 12-2-1873son of Daniel P. & Salina
Photo of George W. Dilliner
George W. Dilliner
Died: 8-29-1876 Age: 19y 25dson of John S. & Mary
Photo of Isabella Dilliner
Isabella Dilliner
Born: 1860 Died: 1939wife of William
Photo of John S. Dilliner
John S. Dilliner
Born: 10-4-1828 Died: 11-10-1913husband of Mary, John’s wife was Mary Smith Dilliner
Photo of John W. Dilliner
John W. Dilliner
Born: 10-8-1896 Died: 5-4-1898
Photo of Mary Dilliner
Mary Dilliner
Born: 8-11-1827 Died: 6-26-1913Wife of John S., Mary Smith’s father was William Smith
Photo of Ollie Dilliner
Ollie Dilliner
Born: 6-15-1872 Died: 1-16-1899
Photo of Sarah Dilliner
Sarah Dilliner
Died: 3-25-1851 Age: 50y 2m 25dwife of George
Photo of William A. Dilliner
William A. Dilliner
Born: 1853 Died: 1931husband of Isabella
Photo of Margaret J. Ferguson
Margaret J. Ferguson
Died: 2-25 Age: 9m
Photo of Harvey L. Grove
Harvey L. Grove
Died: 3-23-1883 Age: 15y 3m 3dson of Nimrod & Ellen
Photo of Nimrod Grove
Nimrod Grove
Died: 9-26-1871 Age: 29yhusband of Ellen Monroe
Photo of George F. Hailman
George F. Hailman
Born: 1843 Died: 1934
Photo of Mary E. Hailman
Mary E. Hailman
Born: 1846 Died: 1885wife of George F.
Photo of Abraham Hendricks
Abraham Hendricks
Born: 2-1-1867 Died: 10-17-1882son of J. & N.J.
Photo of Abraham Hendricks
Abraham Hendricks
Died: 9-5-1887 Age: 89y 9m 20dmarried to Susannah Smith
Photo of Emanda Hendricks
Emanda Hendricks
Born: 11-22-1862 Died: 11-1-1881daughter of J. & N.J.
Photo of Garret W. Hendricks
Garret W. Hendricks
Born: 3-11-1865 Died: 12-4-1937Son of John James Hendricks. He had a brother, Curtis, and a sister, Donie.
Photo of Nancy Jane Hendricks
Nancy Jane Hendricks
Born: 12-2-1836 Died: 8-26-1896
Photo of Susannah Hendricks
Susannah Hendricks
Born: 7-13-1806 Died: 10-26-1854wife of Abraham
Photo of William R. Hendricks
William R. Hendricks
Born: 12-29-1858 Died: 11-4-1881son of J. & N.J.
Photo of Ellen Monroe Kemper
Ellen Monroe Kemper
Born: 6-2-1845 Died: 2-27-1899wife of N. Kemper, married 1st to Nimrod Grove
Photo of Jackson A. Kemper
Jackson A. Kemper
Died: 1-29-1874 Age: 58y 5m 14d
Photo of Mary Kemper
Mary Kemper
Died: 3-29-1888 Age: 33y 7m 6d
Photo of Nancy K. Kemper
Nancy K. Kemper
Born: 1819 Died: 1903
Photo of Sarah Kemper
Sarah Kemper
Died: 2-8-1882 Age: 24y 7m 22dwife of J.N. Kemper
Photo of William M. Kemper
William M. Kemper
Died: 12-16-1865 Age: 23y 3m 27d
Photo of Thomas J. Lovett
Thomas J. Lovett
Died: 9-25-1849 Age: 6y 8m 20d
Photo of Albert E. Monroe
Albert E. Monroe
Born: 1864 Died: 1889
Photo of John Monroe
John Monroe
Died: 12-24-1874 Age: 66 yearshusband of Sarah
Photo of Mary Monroe
Mary Monroe
Born: 12-4-1842 Died: 3-9-1857
Photo of Sarah Monroe
Sarah Monroe
Died: 6-12-1889 Age: 78y 7m 12dwife of John
Photo of Surintha A. Monroe
Surintha A. Monroe
Born: 1844 Died: 1891
Photo of Katherine Monroe Parkhurst
Katherine Monroe Parkhurst
Born: 6-26-1832 Died: 7-29-1908wife of Robert
Photo of Anna N. Parr
Anna N. Parr
Died: 7-24-1870 Age: 3m 25ddaughter of Asa & Nancy
Photo of Asa N. Parr
Asa N. Parr
Born: 1845 Died: 1905husband of Nancy
Photo of Herschel J. Parr
Herschel J. Parr
Died: 2-6-1880 Age: 8y 7m 15dson of Asa N. & Nancy
Photo of Infant Parr
Infant Parr
Born: 6-22-1879 Died: 6-22-1879son of Asa N. & Nancy
Photo of Maggie B. Parr
Maggie B. Parr
Born: 12-25-1874 Died: 10-16-1892daughter of Asa N. & Nancy
Photo of Nancy Parr
Nancy Parr
Born: 1845 Died: 1906wife of Asa N.
Photo of Carrie E. Parsons
Carrie E. Parsons
Died: 10-5-1888 Age: 2 months
Photo of Fanny Parsons
Fanny Parsons
Born: 1853 Died: 1926
Photo of Leonidas G. Parsons
Leonidas G. Parsons
Born: 1836 Died: 1890
Photo of Samuel Parsons
Samuel Parsons
Born: 1850 Died: 1903
Photo of B. M. Phillips
B. M. Phillips
Died: 5-4-1863 Age: 73y 8m 22dBenjamin McCoy Phillips born 12, Aug. 1789. Veteran of the War of 1812.
Photo of Jacob Power
Jacob Power
Co. E. 29th Indiana Infantry
Photo of John T. Power
John T. Power
Born: 3-30-1842 Died: 4-28-1912
Photo of Lucinda Power
Lucinda Power
Died: 11-26-1879 Age: 74 years
Photo of Margaret Power
Margaret Power
Born: 1834 Died: 1913wife of Marion
Photo of Marion Power
Marion Power
Born: 1828 Died: 1911husband of Margaret
Photo of Sylvester Power
Sylvester Power
Died: 1-27-1848 Age: 22y 2m
Photo of William Power
William Power
Died: 1-19-1871 Age: 67y 2m 12d
Photo of Thornton Shipp
Thornton Shipp
Born: 10-18-1805 Died: 3-4-1889
Photo of Agnes Smith
Agnes Smith
Born: 4-20-1821 Died: 10-9-1890Agnes Cox Moxley married Samuel Smith March 23, 1837.
Photo of Elijah R. Smith
Elijah R. Smith
Died: 7-31-1864 Age: 1m 26dson of Samuel & Agnes
Photo of Fanny Smith
Fanny Smith
Died: 11-20-1857 Age: 60 yearswife of William
Photo of James W. Smith
James W. Smith
Born: 1839 Died: 1922husband of Nancy
Photo of Mary L. Smith
Mary L. Smith
Died: 1-28-1857 Age: 1y 3mdaughter of Samuel & Agnes
Photo of Mildred Smith
Mildred Smith
Died: 4-14-1845 Age: 4y 7m 7ddaughter of Samuel & Agnes
Photo of Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith
Born: 1844 Died: 1917wife of James W.
Photo of Nehemiah Smith
Nehemiah Smith
Born: 8-18-1831 Died: 9-28-1900
Photo of Nehemiah Smith
Nehemiah Smith
Died: 10-20-1860 Age: 78y 11m 12dhusband of Sarah
Photo of Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith
Born: 10-26-1814 Died: 12-5-1888Married Agnes Cox Moxley on March 23, 1837.
Photo of Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
Died: 3-13-1853 Age: 80 years
Photo of William Smith
William Smith
Died: 2-4-1867 Age: 62y 5m 2dhusband of Fanny
Photo of William J. Smith
William J. Smith
Died: 1-8-1885 Age: 24y 2m 3d
Photo of Ernest Swarts
Ernest Swarts
Born: 1885 Died: 1887
Photo of Rollie Swarts
Rollie Swarts
Born: 1881 Died: 1883
Photo of John S. VanSickle
John S. VanSickle
Died: 9-16-1913Age: 55y 11m 3d
Photo of Caroline White
Caroline White
Born: 1840 Died: 1928
Photo of Clarisse White
Clarisse White
Born: 1-21-1838 Died: 2-2-1904
Photo of Harry Percy White
Harry Percy White
Born: 10-6-1868 Died: 7-30-1884son of Nathaniel G. & Mary E.
Photo of Margaret White
Margaret White
Born: 12-1-1833 Died: 1-15-1913
Photo of Martha White
Martha White
Died: 8-2-1873 Age: 64y 10dwife of W.W.
Photo of Mary E. White
Mary E. White
Born: 4-15-1846 Died: 2-21-1879wife of N.G.
Photo of Milton White
Milton White
Died: 1-15-1872Age: 24y 3m 3d
Photo of Nathaniel G. White
Nathaniel G. White
Born: 1842 Died: 1918
Photo of Robert L. White
Robert L. White
Born: 10-11-1876 Died: 1-14-1901
Photo of W. W. White
W. W. White
Born: 2-25-1809 Died: 12-10-1898husband of Martha
Photo of Charlotte Wolf
Charlotte Wolf
Died: 8-8-1879 Age: 5m 7ddaughter of J.W. & N.M.
Photo of Nancy M. Wolf
Nancy M. Wolf
Died: 5-23-1870 Age: 23y 3m 20dwife of John W. Wolf