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5301 Churchman Avenue, Franklin Township, Marion County Indiana


This cemetery, also known as Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, sits on a small hill behind the Beech Grove Administration building, overlooking the railroad shops and yard. The cemetery was part of the Methodist Wesley Chapel, also called the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was organized in 1838. The church was closed by the 1880’s. The known burials were between 1848 and 1909. It is maintained by the Franklin Township Trustee. The cemeteries of Franklin Township were surveyed by the Franklin Township Historical Society in 1999. These readings were published in a book, titled “Called Home: The Pioneer Cemeteries of Franklin Township.” A copy is available at the GSMC library. GSMC publication “Readings of various Cemeteries in Franklin Township” also has a burial list compiled by J. Eugene Reilly in February 1945. We have used this reading for the burials entered here. (from: Genealogical Society of Marion County)   (MORE)




James F. Hensley

Born 10-17-1833 Died 03-20-1884Age: 50y 5m 3d
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